1992 - 2012

2017 - Now


In order to enjoy happiness in this life, one must have accumulated a store of mundane merits in the past. In order to attain perfect Enlightenment, one needs to accumulate both mundane and super-mundane merits. In the Mahayana Tradition, the cultivation of perfect Wisdom and great Compassion forms the two wheels of the vehicle which propels one forward on the spiritual path, helping sentient beings to accumulate extensive merits and ultimately achieve perfect Buddhahood.

The Venerable Shi Fazhao is greatly concerned about the suffering of sentient beings. In order to help sentient beings to become free from all trials and tribulations, he promoted the practice of the Medicine Buddha. This is because through invoking the power of the Medicine Buddha, sentient beings can become free from all forms of obstacles and disasters, enjoy a happy and fulfilling life, and progress swiftly on the spiritual path all the way until perfect Enlightenment. Due to the blessings of the Triple Gems, a suitable piece of land for a new temple dedicated to the Medicine Buddha was acquired in 1989. The new temple was named Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple. Construction work on the new temple began in 1990 and was completed in early 1992. In the same year, it became a registered society under the Registrar of Societies. Subsequently in 1995 it was registered as a charitable organization. Currently GPBT has 40,000 devotees.

In 1988, the temple established its Sukhavati Chanting Group which brings together both members of the Sangha and lay devotees to propagate the Pureland Practice. Based on the Buddhist ideals of Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity, the group strives to encourage people to engage in virtuous actions and cultivate merit and wisdom. It emphasizes the methods of generating faith in Amitabha Buddha; cultivating an aspiration to be reborn in the Amitabha Pureland; and the practice of reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha. So that when the time of death arrives, the practitioner is able to depart from this life happily and peacefully and attain a rebirth in the Amitabha Pureland to further his spiritual practice and development there under the guidance of Amitabha Buddha. Members of the Recitation group also actively participate in various community and charitable projects as the experience of community welfare work serves as a skillful way to develop loving kindness and compassion and pacify the mind. There are currently more than 600 members in the Sukhavati Chanting Group.  

Vaidurya Magazine, a Buddhist Lifestyle publication was established in 1996 and was subsequently revamped in 2002 as a bilingual colour bi-monthly magazine. The magazine aims to share with the community the positive life affirming ideals and philosophy of Buddhism, uniting Buddhist wisdom with the realties of the world. Using modern perspectives and language, the magazine aims to showcase how loving actions and thought brings about goodness in the world, while negative thoughts are manifestations of human craving and greed. The Buddhadharma helps us to strike a balance between extreme repression and greed. It provides illuminating inspiration for modern city dwellers to believe in the power of a loving heart. By offering kindness to others, we create peace in ourselves and to everyone around us. Currently 15,000 copies of the magazine is distributed free of charge in various locations island-wide in order to achieve maximum reach to benefit people. It is well-loved by its readers for the wisdom and guidance that it provides for enlightened living.

Publication of the magazine has been temporarily halted.