Vision 目标  
To emulate the Medicine Buddha’s example in benefiting people, helping them to traverse the path of life from bewilderment to Enlightenment using the 12 Great Vows of the Medicine Buddha as a guideline. Benefiting others is benefiting ourselves.

Mission 使命 
To propagate the teachings of the Buddha and help people uncover their innate goodness through discipline, unity and goodwill, as well as mutual love and cooperation. Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple disciples should also make it their responsibility to observe morality and family values.

To promote the Teachings of the Buddha and help people develop wisdom and compassion within their hearts. Create kind-hearted and caring individuals through promoting Social Welfare endeavors and Education. Support other charitable and voluntary welfare organizations so as to facilitate peace and harmony within our multi-racial, multi-religious society. To give assistance and care for the sick, poor and needy. Helping each other is a way for us to express our innate compassion.

The Emblem of the Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple

Lotus 莲花 
Represents the profound qualities of the Medicine Buddha Practice which is an amazingly skillful method for sentient beings to achieve peace and happiness.
主表药师法门功德殊胜,为安隐利乐众生之宝筏 。

Stupa 佛塔 
A symbol of the Medicine Buddha’s Dharmakaya Body abiding in whichever place it appears. Whenever a person makes offerings to a stupa, it is equivalent to making offerings to the Medicine Buddha’s Relics and remembering his Enlightened qualities.

Light Rays 光线 
Symbolises Medicine Buddha and his compassionate Lapis Lazuli Light which shines upon all sentient beings to free them from all fear and suffering and fulfil all their wishes without any discrimination.

Red Colour 红色 
Symbolises Authority, Power and Passion.

Gold Colour 金色 
Symbolises loving-kindness, compassion, wisdom, merit, prosperity and the achievement of Perfect Enlightenment.